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Automotive Technology Course - EGR System Testing

Bosch support in the Automotive Aftermarket. Learn more. Lean more. We provide our customers worldwide with a complete range of diagnostic and workshop equipment and a wide range of spare parts — from new and exchange parts to repair solutions — for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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See more on the link below. Learn which sensors and actuators are involves in their operation. The book-PDF uses computer generated diagrams to explore the systems.

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From basic operation to advanced concepts, learn this technology the right way with facts. See below for more. All the major auto makers are now releasing new models with GDI injection. See below for more information. If you thought you knew all about OBD-2 diagnostics, then think again. Learn how to approach the auto repair from a DTC or codes, pending, freeze-frames, catalytic converter, misfire, sensor, actuator, comprehensive and O2 sensor monitors.

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See how to baseline the system. Advanced Hybrid Automotive Vehicle Systems is a detailed and concise work on the two main hybrid vehicle technologies, Honda and Toyota. Other manufacturers, such as GM, Ford and Nissan license this technology from Toyota, so what you learn here also applies to the rest.

Automotive Electronic Diagnostics (Course-1)

Although this technology is maturing, there are very few detailed books on the subject. We present this knowledge in a specialized format, without boring you with the basis electricity principles, for which we also have a two book-video course. So, without further ado, enjoy The information presented here is very specialized and focused on issues at the higher level of diagnostics.

Get the book on PDF download right here. Price is written in a guided format to tackle all forms of automotive electronic diagnostics on FORD vehicles.


See more in the table of contents by clicking below. Get the printed book here …. This book on PDF covers all the particulars of diagnosing, repairing and operation of General Motors ignition systems. This book is good for both, a reference and a repair strategy book.

Automotive Electronic Diagnostics (Course-1) - Mandy Concepcion - Google Books

See below for a complete table of contents. Get the Printed Book Here This book Automotive Variable Valve Timing and Lift is a primer and in-depth publication on the details of modern automotive variable valve timing and lift. Most if not all cars today have variable valve timing. Valve lift is quickly invading the mass market also.

No longer is variable valve lift relegated to sports cars. Get the insight here in this pdf book download. Get printed book here Get DVD This book centers on how to use automotive diagnostic equipment, from the supposedly simple to the more complex electronic diagnostic tools. If you though how to use simple tools like test lights and multi-meters, think again, because they can be used to test ignition modules and yes, crank sensors. Get the whole body of information on this pdf book. It is a good follow up to our other books on automotive technology and not meant for a beginner, unless you've been in the field for a few years.

Operational strategies change all the time.