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Synonyms and antonyms of polar in the French dictionary of synonyms

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Summary Bibliography: Theodore Sturgeon

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Not for every reader.

Especially as I often listened to it at night in bed. Despite the gory details and the high probability that yes, such degree of evil might exist in some human beings. Aug 28, Shira rated it liked it Shelves: livres , ptsd , tspt. English after French Guilt for surviving, self-hated for being unable to protect yourself, just wanting to give up. Gut-wrenching, horrifically important to read. Jun 21, Ekaterina rated it it was amazing.

Melville’s Years

Omg, I have never read or seen something more violent and cruel! It is about bad, worse and the worst! The worst is so bad that when killed you feel like it is not enough! And I was reading it while pregnant!!! Dark, intense and wicked.

Loved it. I read this book almost at once my first of this author and I loved. We now put in the skin of the characters especially Jessica and David and raphael and her brother and Sandra. See full review on my blog: myreadbooks. Oct 14, Celine Segel rated it it was amazing.

Karine Giebel

First great book from Karine Giebiel. You don't get out of this story psychological thriller the same. Stories collide and dark situations, very dark. Gloomy at times. Where imagination meets reality , unfortunately. And that is bothersome. View 1 comment.

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