Guide Kiss Me Again: Restoring Lost Intimacy in Marriage

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  1. Ways to Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage
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  3. Can a relationship survive without intimacy?

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Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. I thought this was gonna be my future and now i have nothing left to fall back on.

Ways to Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage

I wish i never met this man, he has been nothing but trouble for my vibe sense of self my self esteem and my self image is ruined now, how could i let this happen? I trusted him, to love me and the facts are that he just doesntm and i cant make him. Ill die alone here with him if i stay n i have no where to go forngiving it all up for what i thought was possibly my forever man, my last, my future. So wrong. So sad.. Why do you bother yourself? You have an emotional bond but not a legal one right? You were just trying then if you are not married. Thats all. You just have to tell this to yourself.

It happens all the time to everyone it does not matter how you look or who you are, even to Superstars. You are not dead and never will be even after he would walk away. Do you really love yourself half the way you love this guy? What did you do for yourself? What did you do for this guy?

Compare… is he worthy of your precious love? Let him go please. You will heal again no matter what. Ive been married to my wife for 4 years now and ive been and still am happy being with her. Shortly after getting married we had a son and of course things slowed down for us and we began to lose that spark and every now and then i did things to try to keep it alive and thought that it was working. But now my wife is telling me she only sees me as a friend and has lost that spark and has been feeling this way for about a year. Im devestated from this because i am so attached to her and our son and want to be together for the rest of my life but shes starting to not feel the same way.

I feel like i try to keep things interesting but she doesnt try at all and then talks about how the spark is gone. Its really feeling one sided and i wouldnt want anything more than to be with her and my son for the rest of my life. I would be destroyed if we ended up seperating because im so attached but should i keep trying when she only sees me as a friend and not a lover?

I just dont know what to do…. Your post struck a cord with me. I have nothing but respect for the amount of humility it must take to continue on in a relationship that is so one sided. From experience, if you were to show your independence and seperate from your wife for awhile, she will realize what she had. It will hit her like a freight train going full speed.

In the meanwhile you can begin to gain self confidence knowing you are taking control of the situation. Always kill her with kindness, while at the same time holding to your standards. She will realize….

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Very one sided After being told the spark is gone. How and did you distance yourself? He would rather mow, or play his phone or video games. A year and 7 months later and I am also in the same boat as the four people above. This time, I was convenienced I had found my true soulmate.

But everyday I am proved wrong. It hurts. So much, i wish i could just turn my humanity off just like how they do it on vampire diaries shiz. Good luck and God bless. A year and a couple of months and my relationship is becoming a fantasy bond. He no longer acts or does the things he did when we first met. I started getting upset when i started noticing and it lead us into arguments. Now its different.

Have you broken up with him? Does this kind of feeling pass overtime? Because I have exactly the same situation. I feel like I am the only one always wanting to be with him, talk to him. I just miss the old us. They ask questions to try and gauge whether I love him or not, but nothing ever matches up. Maybe a break would help us sort out some of our issues?

Totally at a loss as to what to do. I feel as if im the only one who tries so hard to make our relationship work, but its worthless how can i respect a man that calls me horrible names, disrespects me in public and speaks to me like he wants? How can i love a man that shows no affection. The past few months, i noticed the change in him.. The way he talks to me, no respect at all!

Can a relationship survive without intimacy?

And he doesnt say sorry, coz for him he was only kidding.. Sarah, I am in the same boat.

restoring intimacy

Am I dating your BF?? Everything you just said sounds like my relationship right now.

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I have been dating my BF for about 8 months now and I am so ready to walk away. We live together so it makes it harder.

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The things he says to me are mean. I tell him how mean he is and even write my feelings in letters to him. He still keeps disrespecting me. The way he talks, how he treats me, and in public I hate going anywhere with him. I just dont go no where anymore. I baught a house and he keeps telling me for him to leave I have to call the cops. I told him I would move out next time we argue to brakeup point. I want to be done but I dont want to go through the drama.