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If you know of any, please let me know Christopher O Hello. I have short stories that I've written and I thought that I should sell them or enter them into competitions. Is this platform beneficial, safe and worthy for my writing? Chris Fielden Christopher, yes, entering short story competitions is a great way to see your first story published. It is safe you just have to read all the rules and terms and conditions and make sure you are happy with them and it is also beneficial as most competitions and magazines have an audience who will then read your work and become aware of you as an author.

Thirungana S Dear Sir, we are a primary school workbooks producer in Malaysia and have a network to market books to appx 2, schools in Malaysia. We are keen to market your magazines related to school children and seeking your advise as to how we could go about doing so. Chris Fielden Thirungana, I don't run any magazines - I simply list them. Most of the users on my site are writers of fiction, and they use the lists to find opportunities for submitting their short stories. You'll need to approach the magazines directly if you want to explore supplying copies to schools. I hope that's helpful Nicole J Thank you for this information, I found it all very helpful.

Being new to trying to get my work out there, this was very useful. Chris Fielden Welcome Nicole, I'm glad you found the site useful Phil B Hi Chris, thanks for all the work on the site - it's really helpful.

Mind uploading in fiction - Wikipedia

All v good publications. Chris Fielden Thanks very much Phil, I've added all 3 to the lists Paul R Very, very helpful. Excited to find one doorway at least. Will be going ahead, and try my luck. Will keep you posted. Chris Fielden You're welcome, Paul, best of luck with your submissions!

Luiz F Dear Mr. Fielden, thank you for the valuable information in your post.

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But I would like to know if it would be more interesting for a guy, who thinks that he has a very good 12, word short story, to have it published by Amazon for Kindle - where he could receive good money depending on the quality of his writing or to publish it in one of the above magazines listed by you. Thanks a lot. Chris Fielden Luiz, you could self-publish on Amazon, but unless you have a way of marketing your work you are unlikely to make many sales. The advantage of having your work published through a magazine is that they usually have an audience that your story will be exposed to, which helps you as an author.

People will read your work and become aware of you. So unless you have a website that attracts 1,'s of visits a month, or something similar, I'd say that approaching magazines is probably best. Fielden, thank you for your kind reply. Yes, it has helped me a lot. I've just decided I am going to look for a publisher right here in Brazil, where I live. I have had some publishing experience, but with finance books.

So, I've had 3 finance books published by 3 different houses. But I hope I will sell much more there than on Amazon - as you said. What do you think about it? Do I have any chance of succeeding? Chris Fielden Luiz, yes, there is always a chance, and it sounds like you have the right kind of experience to make it work Luiz F Hi Chris, thank you again. I will let you know about it and, hopefuly I expect to keep counting with your suggestions and advise. Best regards, Luiz.

10 Best Science Fiction Short Stories of All Time: From the Golden Age to the Modern Era

Naima A Hi Chris, what you do is really great. I just wanted to note that Pithy Pages is no longer publishing.

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Take care, salam Chris Fielden Thanks very much for letting me know, Naima - I've updated the lists accordingly :. Naima A It's a pleasure! I was just checking a few links and found Not Found. I think you should check the list of links above, like The New Writer and others Chris Fielden Thanks Naima! I'm right in the middle of reviewing all the links on the site it's a New Year ritual I go through, which takes longer each year due to the volume of links! I'm currently halfway through the 'short story competitions' page, and the 'short story magazine' page is next on the list.

In the meantime, I've removed The New Writer I have some Indian folktales told to us by our grandmother and I have written them as short stories. Will you accept them? Chris Fielden Srijaya, I'm afraid I don't publish other writer's work, except through my short story competition which you would have to enter. This page simply lists magazines that will accept short stories. You will have to visit each magazine website, decide whether they are appropriate for your writing style and then submit directly to them.

Scott S Hi Chris, thanks for this great list.

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For a new writer it's been very helpful and I hope it continues to grow. Good luck out there. Beryl HB Thank you for your compilation of magazines. Your work made mine easier. Keep up the good work! Sonali Roy Thanks Chris! Your list is really helpful for me. I'll not go wandering anymore.

GPS Failed

Thanks again! Titas C Hey Chris, thanks for the list. It's proved to be really informative. Do you know where I can submit a whodunit? None of these websites seem to have crime as a theme except Crimewave and I gathered from a comment that there are some problems with that magazine. You could try that. It might also be worth looking at the Crime Writers' Association website or contacting them as they are likely to know of more crime writing opportunities. Marguerite S Hello Chris, thank you for your excellent website. I am trying to establish myself as a literary translator and wonder: should I contact these magazines and offer my services?

Or is there a better way to approach this? I have been a freelance translator EN to FR for over 15 years, and I have translated a few books already, for one Belgian publisher. I would like to expand my client base You might be better off approaching larger publishers, as I guess they are more likely to want books translated into foreign languages.

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If nothing else, you might be able to find out which agencies they use and then approach them as a freelancer. Through my day job, I work with K International. Still, worth a look. Marguerite S Sure! Thank you for your quick response.

“Berenice” (1835)

I will look into your tips. Chris Fielden Thanks for letting me know, Mark. I've updated the lists accordingly Chris Fielden Thanks Mark, have updated the page accordingly! If only I made enough money to employ someone! They ask anyone who wants, to evaluate submitted material. What's more peculiar, to me at least, is this is called 'slush duty' or something similar. Is this normal? The more submissions a publisher receives, the harder it is to read and consider them in a timely manner.