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  1. Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design | Warszawa, Poland
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Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design | Warszawa, Poland

This service combines the best elements of my experience in both high-level company event coverage and in directing private lifestyle shoots: telling the best story of a formal occasion through a complete professional coverage with a focus on capturing the very best of the emotion and joy of a once in a lifetime occasion. Additional wedding photography services include engagement photography and pre and post wedding photo shoots. PORTRAITS Whether corporate portraiture for business professionals or promotional head shots for artists, my clients can choose to have their private photography session at both the location of their choosing or in my Paris photo studio.

With regards to outdoor portraits, whether natural light or strobe, my knowledge of the city enables me to provide visitors with the best advice on which location will best suit their individual photography needs.

REPORTAGE Whether for press, commercial, associative or private purposes, I can document activities ranging from sport events to public demonstrations, from institutional projects to community schemes. Specialising in candid photography, the fly-on-the-wall approach that is so indicative of this genre is second-nature to me, which is why my skills are perfectly adapted to photojournalism. A photographic genre often combined, as a package service, with both individual and team portraits, I can document any form of live production or preparatory rehearsal, whether for a classical orchestra concert, a modern music gig, or a theatre or dance rendition.

The promotional merchandise, whatever its form, can either be brought to my studio to be lit under an endless choice of controlled lighting setups, or be photographed at the clients chosen location under either ambient available light or that of the chosen lighting equipment I will bring with me.

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Experienced in efficiently photographing multiple and diverse Parisian locations within a daily timeframe, I can accommodate even the most demanding shoot schedules. Though my work as a videographer is very much secondary to photography, my footage has nonetheless been well-received in the context of a high-level assignment.

Commissioning me, you are not just booking the service of a photography business; you are hiring a passionate creative that always strives to make each new task his best work to date. I do not advertise fixed tariffs or hourly rates, because; my quotes are tailored each client's specific needs and budgets. When I give a proposal, I quote a " minimum " number of photographs the client will receive e.

This is because, if there are just a couple of extra shots I could include that I know a client will appreciate, I'll put the extra time in my side. Students from Slavic Europe have the choice of studying in English or Polish.

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Our program focuses on two directions:. The school is located in central Warsaw, near the Vistula river, and is easily accessible by public transportation. Warsaw is an exciting and booming European capital with over 1. There are about Many young Poles speak English and are very helpful to foreigners.

Capturing Lindbergh's vision

They generate an atmosphere of openness, warmth and friendliness. The Polish capital presents a mixture of beautiful historical and modern buildings contrasting with the style of social realism. The choice is overwhelming. There are many stores selling health food.

Warsaw is friendly to vegetarians and vegans. The capital city has an entire network of public transportation — metro, buses, tramcars, local trains — which facilitates traveling without a car in the city and to surroundings areas.

To relax in Warsaw, there are parks, gardens and forests occupying 21 percent of its area within the city borders. The cost of living depends on individual needs and lifestyle. Approximately to Euro per month is needed to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation and food.

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If you live very modestly, you could get by with Euro per month. Flats: private or shared There are many apartments for rent available in Warsaw.

Wildlife photography tourism

The price of the rent depends on how far the flat is located from the center of Warsaw, on the number of rooms, surface area, standards and on whether you want to live by yourself or share the apartment with one or several persons. Please let us know your choice and your budget for the rent. We will send you the necessary contacts with owners and check the flat.